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Welcome to week two of our Project Runway and Lifetime Moms collaboration series! Please stop reading now if you haven’t yet watched the most recent episode…


project runway

Last week’s challenge was definitely one of the stranger challenges to come out of the last nine seasons. The remaining designers were instructed to create looks for models who would be teetering on top of stilts. Yep…that’s right…I said stilts. I’m sure it’s probably difficult to come up with interesting and unique challenge ideas week after week, but this one missed the mark in my opinion. Did anyone else find the stilts to be way too distracting?

project runway

As if the stilts weren’t challenge enough, the designers were put in pairs, which you know is always good for drama. The losing team, which was comprised of Bryce and Fallene, seemed doomed from the start. After construction pitfalls and morale issues, Fallene was ultimately sent home. Although, I have to say that my senses were a bit more offended by Bert and Viktor’s deplorable choice of fabrics. They were outdated to say the least.

We were scheduled to speak with the eliminated designer, Fallene, on Friday, but she proved to be unavailable. Hopefully, we will be able to catch up with her some time this week!

At this point, I would typically wax poetic about my favorite look, but unfortunately, I just can’t get behind one this week. Fingers crossed that Thursday’s episode will knock our socks off!

project runway

So, what did y’all think of this challenge?



  1. says

    I didn’t love this challenge! I was completely distracted by their walks! I also was completely annoyed by Bert & Victor. The bickering has to stop. Fingers crossed for next week.


  2. says

    I’m with you Kristin. I definitely did not like the challenge, nor did I really like any of the looks. It was interesting to watch for sure, but I think this week’s challenge of creating for Nina will be much more fun to watch!!


  3. says

    I agree, I wasn’t wild about this challenge either. The way the models walked on the stilts was way too distracting – it was like they didn’t know how to walk properly, and that definitely took my attention off the clothes.


  4. says

    I thought the challenge was very interesting and looked hard as well! I commend them for making clothing to fit stilt models but the looks were not the greatest. My favorite was the women on the very left, with the tan pleated pants and teal opaque shirt. Just hair was horrible! haha

    Great post!


  5. says

    Honestly? I thought they were all awful and the stilt thing was stupid. There…I said it. Looking forward to them TRYING to please Nina next week. As if such a thing could happen? I think I would die….


  6. mkeller819 says

    Kristin, I completely agree. The stilts were so distracting. I also did not have a favorite look this week. I am not a fan of the feather shoulder trend even though Tim said it was “hot this season.” I don’t get it. Hopefully the next challenge will be better. We’ll see how the designers do trying to make Nina happy since they will be designing for her. Should be interesting.


  7. says

    Well, I thought Fallene deserved to go home. She just fell apart in the end. Even if you don’t have anything to show, you don’t just drop the ball on your teammate. The show must go on!


  8. says

    fallene was my favorite, more because of her adorable hair and personal style than anything else. i loved seeing what she was wearing more than what she was designing. i’ll miss her. the challenge was a little strange. can’t wait to see what’s in store for nina. love that (you) the bon bon rose girls are covering this!


  9. says

    I hated this challenge! I thought it was the worst challenge in PR history. I thought the models looked really scary, I hated the way they posed and were moving their upper bodies. I’m afraid of heights and don’t like looking up at really tall things, and it made me really uncomfortable. I know designers can do some pretty outrages and downright over the top things, but this was really just kind of dumb. I still watch this show, but I don’t think it’s as good as it use to be. The judges seem to have become meaner, Michael Kors whom I have always loved seems really grumpy this season. And, I haven’t been all that thrilled with most of the guest judges so far, the only one I can say I liked was Christina Ricci. The thing that keeps me coming back is Tim Gunn. If it weren’t for him, I would probably stop watching it. Plus I loved Anthony from 2 seasons ago, after that season it just got boring for me. From this season I think my favorites are Olivier or Anya, haven’t decided.



  10. says

    Oh, Fallene was an emotional trainwreck. I agree, though, the stilts did take away from the designs. I think my favorite look would have to be Anthony Ryan and Laura Kathleen’s or Oliver and Anya’s.


  11. kaity says

    i didn’t like the challenge at all. trying to hard, producers…

    what is the 4th look from the left in the image you posted? i don’t remember that at all…


  12. says

    Yeah, this challenge was a bit puzzling. Are they running out of ideas already? The winning look wasn’t bad, but I honestly didn’t love the chiffon outfit that much (unlike the judges) – maybe I was just paying too much attention to the bad styling. And if things couldn’t get worse, they have Kim Kardashian as a guest judge???


  13. says

    I saw this episode!!! I have been watching every so often and my favorite here was the red dress! And I love how the designers would throw their partner under the bus…each for their own I guess right?


  14. says

    Hi, I didn’t realize that you were trying to get a hold of me. If you would like an interview I’d be happy to do one with you. Thanks


    The BonBon Rose Girls Reply:

    @Fallene wells, Hi Fallene, I just shot you an email! Thanks for getting in touch!


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