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Sorry about the late post lovelies, but I’m still recovering from my twelve hour road trip with a very wiggly toddler yesterday. As exhausting as the trip home was, our wonderful vacation made up for it!

If you’re in the market for an incredibly relaxing getaway, I highly recommend Clayton, GA! Nestled in the Appalachian Mountains, it’s a sleepy little town that you can’t help but unwind in.

Here is a peek at our mountain getaway. We’re already planning our next one!

appalachian  mountains

train museum


goats on the roof



  1. says

    Cute pictures :)

    I am selfishly waiting for a fall must-haves post :) but love seeing the two of you relaxing!


    The BonBon Rose Girls Reply:

    Oh, it’s coming lady! Probably next week! : )


  2. says

    Dear Kristin,
    We did the Appalachian Trail quite a few years ago now and, we stayed in some wonderful places. You both look as if you are having a wonderful time and, your son is growing up so fast. Our son, daughter-in-law and grandson have just returned from Portugal and I think that the baby wasn’t that happy on the return flight home but…..he is only 4 months !! I think that they all get a bit ‘ wiggly ‘ on long journeys.
    ….and, I’m sure that you are very tired after that twelve hour road trip.
    Have a good rest and a nice glass of wine. Jackie’s orders ! XXXX


  3. says

    Awwwww…. I am glad you has such a great trip!

    I grew up in Atlanta and one year my brother-in-law had his birthday party in Clayton. He use to do a lot of Paragliding so he and his friends wanted to spend the day jumping off mountains. While I didn’t jump (I was pretty young then!), I did adopt a kitten. That kitten is now a big fat cat… I don’t know where I am going with this! I just have fond memories from Clayton!!!!


  4. says

    I’ve never been to Georgia, actually, but this looks like it was a lot of fun! I especially love the last one – is that a baby goat?



    The BonBon Rose Girls Reply:

    It is indeed a baby goat. The dude loooooooved the baby goats!


  5. says

    Wow, I commend you for making that 12-hour trip with the little one! I’m a huge fan of the mountains (it’s nice to get away from extreme heat in the summer) but no one else I know is so I don’t get to go as often as I’d like.


  6. says

    Looks super fun. I’m recovering from vaca too! My recovery consists more of piles and piles of regular work and blog work (and blog readings!) to catch up on (rather than wrangling wiggly toddlers), but it’s all probably similar, isn’t it?


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