Metallic Mania

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What I love most about the blogosphere is the daily dose of inspiration that I derive from it! For instance, today’s Freshly Picked Rosebud, The Well-Appointed Catwalk, reminded me just how much I love rockin’ metallics. I have a killer pair of silver heeled L.A.M.B. beauties that have been woefully neglected…but they won’t be for much longer!

the well-appointed catwalk

If you’re looking for a little inspiration yourselves lovelies, head over to this beautiful blog and prepare to take away some ideas! Whether she’s keeping her readers apprised off the latest trends or sharing dream homes, the lovely lady behind our featured blog has taste that’s beyond flawless!

For even more fashion inspiration…Check out Momtrends!




  1. says

    I would love to do that metallic skirt! It’s hard, however, to convince yourself to buy pieces like that when you know you can’t wear them all the time. You have to rotate who you wear it in front of I guess!!


  2. says

    I just ordered a metallic skirt from Beyond The Rack not too long ago. I hope it will get here soon, because I’m really excited to wear it. I’m loving that bag and peep-toes, too. I love metallics and it’s usually so hard to find any.


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