Mad for the Mad Men Collection

Don’t hate me, but I never got into Mad Men. I know…I know. I’m crazy not to watch it right? For whatever reason, it never made it into my tv show rotation. I can, however, completely appreciate the Mad Men costuming!

I’m sure most of you have seen Banana Republic’s Mad Men collection by now. I haven’t pulled the trigger on buying any of the pieces yet, but I’m completely enamored with this leopard cardi!

banana republic mad men collection

Fashion’s Night Out just might be just the motivation I need to score it. If you’re attending the FNO in Tampa at Interntional Plaza, you’ll receive 25% off your $100 purchase at Banana Republic. You can go here for even more fabulous FNO deals!



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    I LOVE the idea of this but find the choice of models odd. If they are using the logo, I wish they used the actual actors some how… because their Joan model ain’t no Joan! ;o)


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    I hear you, honestly scotch drinking womanizing ad professionals didn’t exactly hit a spot with me either… saw the first season and that was it. BUT I love the pearls and the shift dresses and the works… perhaps not the whole look replicated but definite inspiration!


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    I’ve never seen the show before. I’ve seen Christina Hendricks in interviews and I think she is very lovely and I do love the clothes worn by the men and women on the show. I’m obsessed with that era though, it reminds me of the photos I have seen of my grandparents from that time. Women were just so classy and glamorous then. My grandma would be pleased to see this style coming back. If she were to see the stuff a lot of girls are wearing these days, she would be disgusted.



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    WHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? You don’t watch madmen????? I don’t know if I can be a fan of your blog anymore! LOL!!! You have to watch that show, it is too good and the costumes are gorgeous, the politics and the advertising life in the 60s cannot be showcased more precisely on that show! I wasn’t a fan initially but one night there was nothing to watch and I stumbled upon it and was HOOKED! Not to mention…Don and I have a date every Sunday! He is sooooo handsome… I always pour a glass of red wine while I watch the show and don’t tell anyone this, I also put on my Clarins mask while I am watching the show :D everyone is going to see this aren’t they! LOL!!!


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    Oooh I didn’t know there was a Mad Men collection! Thanks for passing it along! I did my post about MadMen too! You only have to watch a few to get hooked. Some night when a movie won’t do…you may want to try it!


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    I don’t even know what Mad Men is, and I am not much of a fashionista (although I wish I was, Lol!) But I wanted to say thank you for checking out my blog, and I’m here returning the blog love! Now following ya! =)


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    I never got into the show either, but I’m definitely on the same page about loving it fashion-wise! Unfortunately, one blogger had said she was extremely disappointed about the quality of it, so I guess I’ll have to check out the collection in person.


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    I am so glad that there is someone else that hasn’t watched Mad Men. I know I would love it and therefore if I started it, it would take up all sorts of time I don’t have. But I too, love the retro trend the show is inspiring.


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    RIGHT?! My bestie sent me the BR link to this collection last week and I died. Seriously. This style is exactly my style… classic :) And that leopard print trench?!?! Must. Obtain.
    xoxo J


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