Inspiration Board Envy

You all know here at BonBon Rose Girls we’re kind of a mixed bag. I regale you with my fashion obsessions and mommy anecdotes, while Megan waxes poetic about interior design and her latest successes in the kitchen. We even love to share our travel tales with you lovely readers! Naturally, when we come across a blog with a similar format, we’re instantly drawn in! Today’s Freshly Picked Rosebud, Not Without Heels, does a masterful job with creating inspiration boards for both style and decor alike! I’m all kinds of obsessed with these cobalt collections…You KNOW how I feel about cobalt! Head on over to Not Without Heels for even more creative inspiration!






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    These are gorgeous, my friend! This color is to DIE for. I need some J Brand skinnies in this gorgeous hue – I can’t get over how stunning it is, and perfect on every skin tone! :) xox


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    I love that BB Rose Girls is a “mixed bag” so to speak. There is a little bit of everything over her which means it never gets too predictable or boring! Wow, she does create some fabulous mood boards, huh? Loving the cobalt too! xo


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    I’m not a blue person, but this particular shade is so captivating! I have a sister though who needs to paint her room and I think I could easily convince her that this color would be perfect…


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    Oh my goodness, I love all these cobalt picks! And I also love how your blog touches on both fashion and design, so I’m sure I’ll love Not Without Heels as well! I’ll check her out ASAP!


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