Fall Inspiration: Bordeaux

I’m participating in another fun Full Time Fabulous blog event today! We’ve been tasked by the lovely Kristy Elena to post about something that is inspiring us and right now I’m totally inspired by fall fashion! Bordeaux is a huge color trend for fall and I thought I would use that as a jumping off point for a fall inspired look.

A leather pencil skirt has forever been on my list of wants. It’s very Angelina Jolie…no? Although, I identify with Ms. Aniston more than Ms. Jolie, we all have an inner bad girl that wants to break free! And in my opinion, bad girls love their leather AND their leopard! You may remember the killer leopard crossbody bag in my set from my guest post on animal prints for Ebates.

Bordeaux...It's not just for drinking!


So, in conclusion…Leather, leopard and a little something bordeaux will be making an appearnce in my fall wardrobe!

What fall fashion trend is inspiring y’all right now?



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    I do love a dark, sensual getup. One thing I love about being a brunette is that I can pair this look with a deep, rich lipstick shade (usually purchased in the “women of color” section). This will be perfect for fall!


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    If you’re ordering all of the above, shall I just send you my sizes?! Seriously… I love that “wine” color. It’s the shade my b-maids wore for our wedding. And I love animal prints, as long as they’re golden-based, it seems.

    And while I don’t think I’ve ever wanted a black leather mini before, it sure looks like the very best thing to go with the rest of the ensemble…


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    I used to hate leopard print(!), but as is the case with so many other things since I’ve started reading blogs (and getting out from under my rock)… I’m transformed. I love it now, but have nothing (except a new pair of shoes that I just bought- for Hailey!) to show for it!


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    lmao break out that inner bad girl! I’ve really been wanting a pair of leather shorts and that is not typically my style. I love seeing them paired with a feminine blouse. Leather is very hot for fall so I hope you get a great piece!


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    great inner bad girl inspiration!! i definitely have an inner bad girl and adore it. that leather pencil skirt is hawt as hell!! thanks for participating in the event darling and i apologize for the belated comment. it’s been a busy few days since i returned from mexico!



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