Drool Worthy Baby Bedding

Now that we know for sure it’s a boy, I’ve been thinking more and more about the nursery decor.  Don’t worry, I’ll start to share the final plan soon, I just need to really finalize it and really wrap my head around it.

One company that I’ve always just loved and keep coming back to in my searching, is Rikshaw Design.  I love the peaceful palette of each bedding design, as well as the ethnic bohemian feel each set has. It’s not as traditional as some of the other bedding that I’ve looked at but I like that it’s a bit different.

What do you think?  Is Rickshaw Design a do?  What’s your dream nursery theme?



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    Hmmm…I’ve never thought about what a dream nursery would look like for a baby. I always like looking into the store Land of Nod! I like the selection you’ve featured and Rikshaw design is definitely a great company!


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    I LOVE RD. My friends got the orange and yellow set for their daughter and I love this one too. I have a blanket from them that someone gave to Lucia when she was born. They sell it at Giggle and I am pretty much obsessed with everything there. Lucia’s bedding is from Serena and Lily. We splurged on her bedding set and the carpet for her room. Of course she didn’t sleep in her crib until she was about 3 months old (bc we opted for a bassinet) so it got no use but it sure did look pretty. I took the bumper off but finally put it back on when she was so active that I worried she was going to give herself a concussion bumping into the crib so much! I plan on using the sheets and bed skirt when she goes to a toddler bed (not anytime soon) so I was able to justify spending on her bedding set since there are so many other more affordable options out there. I would definitely check them out, as well as Dwell and go look at the stuff on diapers.com bc there is some seriously adorable stuff on there too.

    enjoy nesting! xoxo


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    They’re all cute. That’s one great thing about baby stuff – it’s all so adorable! Of course, after safety, washablility is a good thing to look for – for the actual drool…



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