Champagne Saturday: Come On Irene

Like many of my fellow east coasters, today is all about watching hurricane Irene and hunkering down inside.  So, while I won’t be dressing up for Champagne Saturday today, my Dad and I did manage to head out to breakfast and hit the mall before getting stuck indoors.  And of course Grandpa had to spoil his future grandson with some fun outfits including the lil’ train number below.  Too cute!

Here in Annapolis it doesn’t seem like the hurricane is going to be too awful.  We’re expecting a lot of windy rain, some potential flooding and all around blah gross weather.  Of course that’s not the case for everyone today and our thoughts are with each of you.  As for the rest of you enjoying nice weather…have a great weekend!

Megan Yarmuth


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    Hey I’m right in the middle of Irene here on the Jersey Shore…not so bad yet, some power outage and some flooding but luckily for me I have my electricity. Posting a new blog post right now! Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comment! Stay safe…the worst is over for you!


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    I just wanted to say that after some thought, I am leaving the Rosebud community. When you started this venture, I thought that the site would be more about making a community with guest posts from Rosebuds rather than lots of posts about product endorsements and giveaways.


    The BonBon Rose Girls Reply:

    I’m so sorry you feel that way Viktoria! I don’t believe we said that there would be guest posts, but we certainly would have been open to considering it had we been approached. We do feature a Rosebud on our site every week and love the response that we’ve received from our readers when they’ve been introduced to a new blog that they love! Many of our Rosebud members visit each other through our site listing which was one of our main goals, so everyone could get to know one another. We do promote our sponsors as we appreciate their support, but that is certainly not the main focus of our site. If you have any other feedback that you would like to give us, please feel free to shoot us an email! We will definitely take it under consideration! Cheers!


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