Back to School

Sadly, it’s official.  Our BonBon Rose Girl, Shelby, has finished her DC summer and is headed back to college.  That means in addition to not having our Champagne Saturday model and DIY project helper handy, this house is about to feel a little quiet and empty.  Let’s face it, while I adore Floyd, he doesn’t exactly gush loudly with me to the Bachelorette (now Bachelor Pad).  Of course, all good things must come to an end and clearly classes and all the fun of college lies ahead.  We here at Bon BonRose Girls wish her all the best and will miss her tremendously (make sure to read her sweet good-bye below!)!

xoxo – Megan and Kristin

Hello, my fellow Bon Bon loves! I have had the most phenomenal time this summer with your girl Megan and our favorite guy, Floyd. Between baseball games, trying out new recipes, sailing the high seas of Annapolis and tackling house projects that I never imagined I would be doing, I have had the ultimate summer. I have absolutely loved being a part of BonBon Rose Girls and all of you have been oh-so-sweet in your comments and well-wishing. I don’t think Bon Bon could have any better readers than you.  I am sad to see it come to an end, but it is time for me to head back West and bury my head right into the books. Don’t think I won’t be checking the site every day along with the rest of you though! Au revoir lovelies!

xo, Shelby


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