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Just this weekend I tackled a massive pile of mail and in it was my new Ballard Designs catalog.  Swoon!  Ok, so I know I have a little thing for catalogs.  Its my weakness.  But they are the perfect reading material for that cup of coffee or bowl of cereal right before I head out the door.  Nothing too heavy, and fun to flip through!  So, in looking through the new Ballard Designs catalog, I spotted several items that are calling my name.  I decided to make a little collage of what I’m crushing on and you know what, I realized that I am going through a new “light, white and airy” decor phase.  Clearly, right now I’m drawn to peaceful aesthetics, although with a little boy on the way maybe white isn’t so wise… regardless here’s the skinny.

1. I adore this Grand Marque console.  It has a slightly feminine touch and would be perfect in an entryway or even a home office.  I am drooling over this one!
2.  Modern and cute, I love this take on the garden seat.  And those handles are a nice touch, those things can be really heavy to move.
3. A white bamboo desk?!  What could be more perfect?
4.  This Darien Rug is to die for, so versatile and I love the subtle pops of color.
5.  I love how this mirror is casually propped against the wall for an effect that is classy, while comfortable!

So, which one is your favorite?



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    My mom adores Ballard – I think because some of the pieces have a very French chic feel to them. I can’t even look at the catalogs anymore – it makes me lust after having my own place! Gorgeous picks, as always.


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    Coincidentally, I was drooling over this website last night as I was fantasizing about decorating my new house.

    I am seriously considering that daybed/couch you featured in photo #2 for my home office. Cuz if I can sleep guests in it then even better.

    PS following you on twitter via flgirlmidwest.


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