Snakeskin: A Fall Trend You Can Wear Now

Remember when I declared my love for snakeskin foot candy the other day? Well, my snakeskin love fest isn’t ending quite yet! Snakeskin is definitely trending and another great way to work it into your wardrobe now is in jewelry form.


snakeskin bangle

When, I came across these python bangles over at Adorments Boutique recently, I instantly fell in love! I want them in like every color. Wouldn’t they make an awesome arm party? At $20.00 a piece, they’re a totally budget friendly way to take advantage of a fun fall trend!



  1. says

    Very cool! Reminds me of these snakeskin shoes I found in Florence years ago. I dreamt of them for two nights before I just had to buy them. They still are like collectors items in my closet. Even after all the times I have moved:)
    Have a wonderful day!


  2. says

    Those are adorable! I thought they were headbands at first glance, and I was all “I could never wear them” because thick headbands hurt my ears. But bracelets aren’t painful at all ;)


  3. says

    I wore a really old snake-pattern top the other day and Stacy Lomman said, “Wow, you’re all over the latest print” and I was like, “Huh?” I didn’t even really notice the snake pattern, I was more about the color of the top. I’ll have to do a post with it soon.


    The BonBon Rose Girls Reply:

    Please do!! : )


  4. says

    I love these bracelets! These colors and texture are everything. Snakeskin also rocks because it transitions from summer to fall perfectly. $20?! Not bad at all. *heads over that way*



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