Nicole Richie Worthy Boho Chic Inspiration

I’ve mentioned countless times how much I adore the boho princess look. Boho chic master Nicole Richie’s style thrills to me to no end! She was always who I looked to first when I wanted to be boho style inspired…until now. I have a boho blogger beauty from who I can also glean inspiration. Let me introduce you to Carrie from This Free Bird. Does she make it look effortless or what?

this free bird

this free bird

I had Carrie in mind when I came across this Charles by Charles David beaded number available at Endless.

charles by charles david motif sandal

Snagging this gorgeous shoe would certainly be a step toward achieving the boho chic look I’m after, don’t you think? Its a good thing they’re on sale! What is it about summer that makes me want to shop so much?




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    OMG Are you kidding me?? Your timing is impeccable…I am so flattered and have had, quite possibly, the worst week in 10 years. When I saw this I was in my car (not driving of course) and almost burst out crying.

    Thank you so much Kristin!! If only we could shop together this weekend at the local flea market. eeps!



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    Ah, if I can make it look that effortless. She is adorable. And those sandals? I die.
    I also would like to know why Nicole Ritchie always has the hair I want? Every time I go searching for a new do….I find a photo of her that I love. Weird…
    Hope your weekend is awesome.


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    Carrie always looks so stylish and adorable. Love her skirt and the sandals you picked out. I just popped into Charles David the other day and they had some lovely shoes. Have a wonderful weekend!


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    I too love Nicole Ritchie’s boho luxe look, but I think not everybody can pull it off. I love that second look with the skirt, it looks so cool and thrown together but stylish at the same time.
    Have a fab weekend!
    *kisses* HH


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