Lauren Conrad Knows Shoes

I just had to share these beauties that I found over at Kohl’s. Are they not the most darling platform sandals? The countless amount of outfits I could pair them with are swimming around in my head right now! They aren’t the kind of foot candy I would chase le toddler around in, but they have date night written all over them! At under $50.00, how could I pass them up?

If you haven’t yet tried out Lauren Conrad’s collab with Kohl’s, get on it! She has created some really lovely pieces. As far as quality goes, I have no complaints about the LC Lauren Conrad blazer that I own. So, I’m guessing I would be just as pleased with her shoes!

lc lauren conrad sandals



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    Holy cow, I absolutely need those! I’ve been looking for a pair of nude heels, and these are beyond perfect! Great find, Kristin!! I’m going to go get them!!


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    I LOVE those! I have (I think) three things from her line (spring trench, little sequin dress, and linen wedges), and I am so happy with all three. Adorable, and the quality is much, much better than I would expect for the price.


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    Those are cute – i have been so digging cork shoes this summer!
    the best thing about being at kohls is that they will go on sale, and then i will get a 30% off coupon and probably take them home for under $20 :)


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    Awww I LOVE LC. I wonder if you can get any of her pieces here in Canada? I haven’t seen any in Vancouver anyway. I guess I’ll have to go shopping down in the states to get the goods!


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    ooh, the shoes by her must be NEW…I have never seen them before…LOVE the ones you featured above..I already have an awesome pair of nude…but might have to head to Kohls this weekend to see what else she is serving up.
    You are right…it is a GREAT collaboration.


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