Champagne Sunday: Tribal Inspired

Happy Champagne Sunday lovelies! You may have noticed some radio silence from the BonBon Rose Girls this weekend. Meg is recovering from her Paris trip jet lag and I’ve been unplugged in order to spend some much needed quality time with the hubs. Our anniversary celebration is officially over as le toddler is back in the house, but I have to say that having both of my boys to myself today feels great! Us Parents need alone time, but it sure is fun to have back that burst of energy that the dude brings to the table!

It’s a beautiful, albeit somewhat hot, afternoon here in Tampa. It’s the perfect sort of afternoon to enjoy a late lunch and, perhaps, a refreshing cocktail al fresco. I took a few snapshots of my look before I headed out with my fellas. The sun required my Calyspo for Target floppy hat and I was elated to break out my new vintage necklace from Misred Outfitters to set off my electric blue Forever 21 flutter-sleeve dress. I finished the ensemble with my trusty animal print Sam Edleman Gigi sandals and a faux snakeskin clutch. What do you think of my tribal inspired ensemble? Have you tried out any tribal pieces yourselves lately?

floppy hat

sam edleman gigi sandals

vintage tribal necklace



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    Very cute as always! I love your necklace! I haven’t gotten into the tribal scene, but I like how you pulled it off. I’m thinking I’m going to try it out now! I hope you had a beautiful anniversary!


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    I LOVE tribal! I have quite a few pieces that have lived with me since high school, lol-gawsh that’s a long time ago.

    You look fantastic in your floppy hat! I’m totally trying to incorporate more hats in my life! And I am sick with jealous because you are in a place that is hot and NY right now is sooooo gray and chilly.


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    The perfect sunday outfit! Love the hat and necklace! And I’m jealous of your toned arms :) I did wear my tribal print pants to church today.. coincidentally the theme of today’s sermon was “tribal” lol!!

    xx Kara


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    i love the necklace! i have piles of wood beads – keep staring at them hoping for inspiration…. but you are much braver than i in a short dress!!! i still bend over a lot to tend to my son, so i always put on leggings underneath :)


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