Finding Your Own Paradise

One of my oldest bloggy buds recently found her version of paradise in the jungles of Costa Rica. As I found myself wishing that I too could take off on an across the world adventure to find my own paradise, I realized that I really don’t have to go jet-setting at all. My paradise exists right here at home. As long as I have the dude and the hubs by my side, everything else is gravy.

Here’s to hoping all you lovely readers find your own versions of paradise, whether they’re in your backyard or in an exotic locale. If a tropical vacation does happen to find its way toward me, I won’t turn it down. Just sayin’!

the dude



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    He is so scrumptious!

    I love this post. (Although it’s tempting to dream about having my babies AND a tropical location. And Grandma to help out a little so the hubs and I can have some beach-cocktail-run on the beach time)


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    Funny how priorities change when you have kids!! I used to get psyched for business trips that would take me to amazing places (Russia, S. Africa, Israel to name a few), but now I absolutely dread them. I just want to stay home with my little boy!


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    Love that your paradise is at home! I have definitely felt like I was in paradise several times here in Chicago, but I must say, I love the absolute care free spirit that comes along with travelling (at least for me). Of course, it’s always best when my loved ones come along for the ride!


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    You’re so right, but I gotta admit that am slightly jealous of Liz!! Takes a lot of guts to move to a completely different country :) What an amazing adventure she’s on!


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    I adore this post!! It’s true. You don’t need to leave out of town to find and enjoy a little paradise. Mine is right in my backyard reading a book, hanging out with my wuppies (that’s my version of my dogs) and the BF.

    P.S. Cute little dude! :)



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    I hear ya and wouldn’t turn down a tropical vacation either. I was having major envy over a few friends this weekend that were at the shore while I was home. We still made it a fun weekend though!


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    I completely agree about “finding your own paradise”. When I went to Hawaii, everyone had told me I would love it, but I was disappointed–I’m more of a Maine girl, truth be told.


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    Aw Kristin! I saw your comment re: your hubs on my blog and it is clear that you feel the same about him and your beautiful son. I bet your son believes you are uncommonly beautiful too.

    LOVE this sentiment, and your son is so gorgeous with his mop of curls.


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