Dancing with Cupcakes

Today’s Freshly Picked Rosebud always takes me back to my little girl “I wanna be a ballerina” fantasy. She makes me drool with her delicious recipes. (Hello cupcakes! ) And she makes me daydream about going to one of her meticulously planned dinner parties.

I wouldn’t know what box to put Dancing Branflakes in and that’s just why I love this blog. It’s a little bit of everything, sprinkled with some  good cheer! Are you ready to escape to a fantasy world for a bit? Then run, don’t walk to our featured Rosebud’s blog!

dancing branflakes

dancing branflakes

dancing branflakes



  1. says

    How fun! I just went to check out her blog and it’s lovely. I agree that I’d like to be at one of her dinner parties too.

    Happy Friday and have a Happy Easter!


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