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Have you ever been in a restaurant and just felt inspired for your own home? This summer we are hoping to tackle the great outdoors through the addition of a deck and landscaping. So I’ve started noticing the type of look I like when I’m out and about in hopes that I can create a similar feeling in our mini-back yard deck area. For instance at this restaurant…

I loved the strands of lights…

And the big pottery and wrought iron gate..

As well as these fun glass lights, surely over sized lanterns would give off a similar effect. Overall I think a modern deck with lots of mood lighting, a sleek sectional couch, and overflowing pots of flowers sounds about right.  Not to say that the charm of this old fashioned porch doesn’t appeal too.  Ack how does one decide? Who doesn’t love a rocker?!

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So do tell. Do you love a classic porch space with wrought iron tables and flowering ferns, or a more contemporary area with fire pits and couches?

Megan Yarmuth


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    just saw that feature (from a tweet, perhaps?) – very cool! I am definitely in love with big outdoor spaces….bummer, then, that I live in LA. haha. We have a balcony at my place but it’s very long and skinny. I think I’d rather have something shorter but more wide. Something that could entertain a bit better, and maybe even fit a table. One day!


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    I love this set up, the only thing I would say is missing is a pop of color, flowers here and there to soften up patio. As I skimmed through the images, I noticed that I have the same elements in my backyard! The large light bulb strands hang loosely over head, the wrought iron is outside my bedroom window, the large pots are every where with climbing Bugambilia that’s ready to bloom any day now…, the lanterns I have are odds and ends I’ve mixed and matched from flea markets, garage sales and some from TJMaxx as well as Pier 1 Imports. I set them around the patio when I have guests. I must say, when they are light up, it’s kind of magical… The one thing that’s missing is perhaps a couple of rocking chairs, though that is exactly what I was eyeing this weekend but didn’t buy them because they’re wrought iron and extremely big/heavy (the plus of driving a car is that it stops me from impulsive purchases! :D)

    All in all, it looks amazing!



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    I love the look of that restaurant! I think that’s definitely the way to go! If you can find a more distressed looking rocker (or alter one yourself), it might be able to work with the overall look. Good luck! I hope it turns out amazing!


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    Love all of it! I really adore the wood work in the ceilings. I’ve always had a soft spot for wood beamed ceilings. I love the rusticity of them. Amazing feature on Collette’s blog! I was so happy to see you ladies as her Twitter Tuesday feature!



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    All of your pictures are beautiful!! I can’t wait to see your finished project. I love both styles! The front of our farmhouse is more traditional but then in the back I mix it up a lot!! I love sofas, lights and a mix…. I bore easily so that way I can have a little bit of each style..,


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    Both can be so appealing, although I think I would choose the first option for myself. The biggest thing for me would be creating a space that is relaxing, functional, beautiful, comfortable and that you feel proud of. I think nice lighting, comfy couch and lots of flowers would so just the trick… ooo and maybe even a fire pit :)



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    Yeah. I don’t have a home office but I have a huge office that is need of help at the church. So, the wildon home spine booktower would be great! :) And i have so many books!


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