Champagne Saturday: On The Road Again

Helloooo dahlings!  I’ve been on the road for almost two full weeks and oh how I miss you all!  I can’t wait to get back home tomorrow evening and snuggle up to all my boys (yes Floyd too in addition to Meatball and Moz) and watch all my Tivo’d shows in sweats on the couch.  Sounds divine right?!  In the meantime I have one more full day of fabulousness left.  This week I’ve been traveling for work with my friend and colleague Cait (don’t you love when someone can be both!) and we have taken today to sight see out and about the LA area.  Watch out Britney I’m hitting up the celebrity homes tour!

Here are pics from an outfit I wore last week during New York Fashion Week.  I tried on all my outfits beforehand to make sure there was no over packing happening.  While in theory it sounded great, I of course over packed regardless.  Ah well at least there was champagne and a few fun pics!

What I’m wearing: Marc by Marc Jacobs sweater dress, Nine West booties

ps – Moz loved the coin purse.  I think he thought it was made in his image ha!

What are you up to this Champage Saturday?  Any travel plans or hunkering down at home?  Let us know!

Megan Yarmuth


  1. says

    I have work later today, but I’m hoping to relax tomorrow, catch up on laundry and visit our local farmers market. Whoohooo!!

    Have fun sight seeing. I can’t wait to see pictures.


  2. Stephanie Congleton says

    Looking hot lady! Might need to come over and raid that closet of yours. Off to Ocean City to visit the in-laws for the weekend. Enjoy much deserved cuddle time on the couch!


  3. says

    You look gorgeous! I love that fabulous dress – the color is just stunning and looks amazing on you :)
    And that coin purse is just adorable, but chic at the same time. Love, love, love everything about this post.
    Enjoy your weekend, dear! xo


  4. says

    Hope you got home safely. Love your outfit. I spent my champagne Saturday at a Tupperware party of all things, there is something about plastic….but there was champagne and good friends what else do you need. I wore white wide leg pants and a blue andd white striped singlet, silver flats. I think i was channeling the inner sailor, but there is something about navy and white that makes you feel so damn good!!


  5. says

    What a beautiful sweater dress and you look gorgeous! You gave me an idea of wearing converses on my wedding day (when that day comes, I have no idea!) but it sounds so fun and easy-going! Just the way I want my guests to feel at an occasion. lol..your cat looks like she’s smiling! :-) xoxoxoxoo


  6. Kate says

    You look fabulous. You must be part of the FTF community as well!! you guys are so fun to follow your blogs. You are all so talented and such an inspiration to the rest of us.


    The BonBon Rose Girls Reply:

    I meant to ask Kristy the other day…What is the FTF community?



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