Three Cheers for Holiday Decorations and COOKIES

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Well, we made it lovelies. We made it through another week. It is officially almost the weekend! Is it just me or do the weeks seem to be going by a bit faster now? I’ve got holiday prep on the brain and I think it’s really making le time fly! My time today will be spent mailing off packages to a few loved ones whom I won’t be able to spend Christmas with, because a little birdie told me that if I want my gifts to arrive before Christmas they should go out today. Nothing like waiting until the last minute right? That is SO my M.O.

Seeing as all I can see are visions  of sugar plums dancing in my head right now now, I thought I would give you a Freshly Picked Rosebud who’s full of holiday spirit. It seems like every time I visit Jackie Fo, she’s spreading some sort of holiday cheer. As a party planner, she’s filled to the brim with  fabulous ideas. I should know. I used her to help plan  the dude’s second bday party! And you can hire her too if you so desire! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her. Just sayin’!

jackie fo

jackie fo

jackie fo

jackie fo

jackie fo

From sharing her personal decorations, like the gloriously girly ones for the pink and green cookie exchange party that she threw with her mama, to a delicious hot chocolate bar, the lovely lady behind this blog will fill you with holiday cheer sure as I love Michael Westen. For those of you who don’t know who Michael Westen is…

jeffrey donovon

Image via The Man Crush Blog

He’s a burned CIA spy from the show Burn Notice and he’s most delicious. Just ask  my hubs. He’s had to watch me drool over him every Thursday night. HA! Sorry…I got a bit off topic there. Anyhoo…Make sure you pop on over to Jackie Fo. I promise you’ll leave in a fabulous mood! The kinda mood that will make you want to throw on Christmas music STAT. Speaking of…there is a holiday Alan Jackson CD with my name on it in the other room. Happy holidays lovelies!


  1. says

    Saving that photo right now.
    You know which one I mean.
    (cute as they may be, not the candles on the mantel).

    And oh, today is the last day to get my packages out for them to be on time?
    I’ll just tell my friends that when my gifts arrive it will be like second Christmas.


  2. says

    I thought I was mean when I was drooling over Ryan Reynolds with Brian sitting right next to me…..glad to know it’s a common phenomenon in married households :)

    and MMMMmmm Michael Westen…..


  3. says

    I’m ready for Christmas, but wish we had another extra week. I just love the anticipation and all the festivities, music, etc. etc…Hope you get all of your stuff out today!

    So funny…Rob and I love Burn Notice too! :)


  4. says

    I was there you guys and the cookie party was awesome. Jackie does a fantastic job. She is my friend so I am biased, but still, she does great. Her parties make you feel special.

    Go Jackie!



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