Fun Ways to Squeeze In A Work Out

Thanks to everyone for the anniversary wishes! I can’t believe how fast the time has flown by! Rather than exchange gifts, we decided this year to treat ourselves to a nice long dinner. It may sound silly, but getting dressed up and taking the time to go out to a nice restaurant during the hectic work week is a rare treat, and it truly felt like a special night out. We chose the Chart House in Annapolis. Its been on my list of places to check out for awhile now, especially since it sits literally on the water. The view was spectacular and the company even better!

In thinking about how crazy the week can get, whether you are working in an office or running after little ones, I was wondering what you all do to stay fit?  I’ve really struggled over the past year to make it to the gym as often as I used to.  I try and make my favorite yoga class, but it often involves me coming in late and tripping over matts on my way to the back row.  Not exactly a zen moment.  Some nights I sweet talk Floyd into going on a walk with me, exercise that lets us share our day while stretching our legs.   However most nights I’m ashamed to admit I don’t find the time for working out like I should.  It somehow always pulls the short straw in my list of short-term priorities.

One thing I started doing that really seems to work for me is using the DVR or Netflix “Watch Instantly” to do home video workouts.  It really cracks me up to workout to my ol’ jr. high standby Cindy Crawford.  Those suckers stood the test of time!  They still hurt!  And if I can only get 20 minutes or so in I pop in my new favorite Wii game, Just Dance and groove until I break a sweat.  Hey at least my arse is moving while laughing, right?  If you all could only picture my uncoordinated effort at trying to keep up with Brittney’s Womanizer!

So how about it? Any other tips for me on how to squeeze in some workout time in a long stressful day? Any favorite on demand videos we should all check out?


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    When I was in college, my ole’ standby was the highly energetic Billy Blanks; Taebo. He has a 30 minute work-out that rocks. I would do that between my morning and afternoon class. It was great! I wonder where that tape is. I might have to bust it out!


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    I have such a visual to you doing the Cindy Crawford workout now :) teehehehee! I am not a work out girl so not much help. I’m usually up for a 20 minute power walk for some fresh air though!


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    Ha! This reminds me of the Jane Fonda Workout video i used to work out to!
    These days….hmmm….i’m lucky enough that my work is a five minute cycle along the is just 10 mins..i know it’s not much, but every litlle helps!
    I miss my dog, i used to love walking him to the local nature reserve.
    Dancing i find is great excersise, problem is, i still think i can dance like i used to when i was 20. ouch…


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    I need to get a Wii!!!! I wanna dance….that way I can play with my lil girl and dance/workout at the same time…great idea!


    The BonBon Rose Girls Reply:

    @Meli, OMG kids would love that. Last weekend I had my 3 yr old niece practicing yoga moves with me and she loved it. She was surprisingly good as well!


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    ha ha love it! I have not tried that game on the WII. I just might have to now. I love how they have wii fitness though, I am all about that.


    p.s. be sure to check out my Lil Petite Jewelry Giveaway when you have the time :)


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    I fit it in anywhere, but I am a workout fanatic. Tonight I will test my ability for pain and run with the Jr. High Cross Country team…wish me luck.


    The BonBon Rose Girls Reply:

    @sara@domesticallychallenged, Good for you! Don’t let those kiddos show you up, ha!


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    I don’t do this now because I don’t have On-Demand, but my parents do, and while visiting them I’ve done some of the free workouts offered. There was a Bollywood dance workout that was a lot of fun!


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    Do you have Wii Fit? You can do yoga without the audience (ha!) or customized workouts, etc. There’s even some fun games. I’m so not a fan of working out, personally. I never minded walking because it’s pretty mindless and I’ll just bop along to my iPod. (I’m one of those gals who can sit and listen to music and be entirely entertained. Silly.)

    P.S. My cousins have that Just Dance game. I got to see the four year-old bust a move this summer, totally adorable. He’s the best of the family! (That should clue you in to the skill level of my family. Except my sister, who’s a ballerina. Yeah, we’re not sure where she came from.)


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    so funny! i have two friends who swear by that cindy crawford video. i guess it psychologically helps to stare at cindy’s body with a goal in mind. another one of my favorite netflix watch instantly videos is “10 min solutions: target toning”, it’s easy and your’e totally sore the next day. love it.


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