Sweet & Sexy Summer Tops

So, the mini getaway that the hubs and I had this weekend reaffirmed to me that we really need to make more of an effort to schedule regular date nights. I’ve come to this realization more than once, but for whatever reason we just haven’t made it the priority that we should have. We’re connected because we’re in love…but those much needed alone times give us little zaps of energy that further intensify our connection. I want it to feel like we’re on our honeymoon all the time! Unrealistic much? HA!

A couple of crazy kids on their honeymoon.

One of my all time favorite dates is when we go to a local beach side restaurant that has a great rooftop bar called Crabby Bill’s. I’ve written about “our place” MANY times before…so deep is my love for it. We’ve yet to go there in 2010 and that, my dear friends, is a travesty. Grouper sandwiches, frosty brews and the sunset eternally call to me. That being said, it’s time to again set forth on that rusty old mission to try to get out for at least a couple date nights a month and I’m thinking that Crabby Bill’s is the perfect spot to start off our new routine de romance! I mean it’s summer for goodness sake. It’s such a magical time no? And what magical evening would be complete without a lovely ensemble? I think one of the floaty tops below, along with white jeans and sandals that I could slip off for a stroll on the sand would be a perfect date night look!



Rebecca Beeson at Ron Herman

Elizabeth and James at planet blue

Aqua at Bloomingdale’s

James Jeans at shopbop.com

Forever 21 {BonBon Deal of the Day at $7.50}


  1. Trish says

    Good morning sunshine!! Yes I agree more date nights for you two lovebirds is definitely in order! I am so glad that your weekend was everything you hoped it would be! Those sandals are a knockout BonBon deal and I adore the Ruche top with the little flowers around the neckline, too cute!! Hope you're having a great week!

    P.S. I would give anything to be able to attend your SATC2 party in Tampa!! I'm heartbroken I can't be in two places at once! Please do have a blast and take a million pictures, ok?? xox


  2. Rock'n Roll Ballerina says

    Yes, it's important to take care of the romance;)

    And I love the top in the 3 rd photo paired with white skinny jeans and sandals. Go for it! ;)


  3. Heather says

    I totally know what you mean about the need to "schedule" these things! We just had a baby not to long ago, and our dates are few and far between now. On another note, I've been obsessing over white skinny jeans for the summer and I found some great ones by VAC. I looove the top pics!


  4. Diana Mieczan says

    Date nights are so important…we should make more effort to have them too:)
    I love Ruche…and that top is so beautiful!
    There is something really great about white jeans…I have 2 pairs!
    Kisses and enjoy your day my lovely:)


  5. {Cara} says

    I LOVE the Rebecca Beeson one..I have a few of her tops-they look great on "date nights." Wishing you and your hubby more time to spend together :)


  6. Erika ~TiptoeButterfly~ says

    i LOVE outdoor spaces! – too cute about the date! – i'd be ALL about that!!! .. and i have a top like the elizabeth and james one – i got from a boutique in Hoboken (nj) YEARSSSS ago – has feathers on both straps (it's a tank top) ..

    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~


  7. Sweet Southern Prep says

    Glad y'all had a wonderful date night. My husband and I definitely need to make them more of a priority. They really do strengthen a relationship. It MAKES you communicate, but in a good way.

    Love all of your tops here. Especially love the E&J Planet Blue top and the Aqua top.


  8. Lenore says

    Oh you're making me miss the Keys with your references to sunsets and grouper sandwiches!! Lovely clothes and you and hubby look so happy. Glad you got to spend some 'quality time'!



  9. hip hip gin gin says

    I"m so with you, I want it to feel like our honeymoon all the time as well! Reality be darned, that's what I'm shooting for at least. At least for us what made the honeymoon so awesome is that it was stress free, just us, and we got to do whatever we wanted even if that meant sleeping in, watching a movie and being totally lazy. I want to figure out how to have that in my everyday life.


  10. Maddy says

    Even though we don't have kids, we still get pulled a 100 different directions between friends, family and work. It's important to make alone time together priority, no matter what! Glad you had a great time, love!


  11. Salt says

    I was actually swooning over that top yesterday while I was having my almost-daily drool over Modcloth. I promised myself that I would only buy my swimsuit from there on Friday, but maybe I need that too.

    I also love that one shoulder top. It's so interesting! I just wish I could pull off things like that a little better…my shoulders are a bit on the broad side.


  12. Tiffanie says

    Forever21 has the greatest shoes ever! So does shoedazzle! Can't wait for my first pair! Those jeans are hot, hot, hot…I must get a pair! I'm glad you had a wonderful date night with the hubs!


  13. Jane says

    Love the fun summer tops!! I just got a pair of white True Religion Jeans…they are currently being hemmed at bit. I can't wait to wear them!!! You will totally rock the white skinny jeans :).


  14. Heavenly Housewife says

    Dont you just love mini get aways? Hubby and i are doing one this weekend. You guys should always make yourselves a priority, its so important… and a good excuse to buy a cute shirt, no?
    *kisses* HH


  15. Sandy a la Mode says

    i totally agree that weekly date nights are soo necessary!! it keeps the relationship spicy and exciting and definitely gets you recharged!! love all your outfit picks!!


  16. alexkeller says

    i used to tell my husband that we need a date night every week….so far he hasn't listened, so i need to work on that some more. his schedule at work certainly doesn't help :(


  17. Nikolett says

    Love these tops! And hurrah for more date nights – I think it's cute you want it to feel like your honeymoon all the time … I haven't had one yet, but I agree … especially if it's somewhere tropical haha :) You two are adorable and I hope you had a happy happy anniversary lady!


  18. JUST ME says

    White jeans will always scare me. ALWAYS. I doubt I'll ever be able to purchase them because I just CAN'T get over the fear of sitting in something and then walking around for all the world to see.

    It's very Woody Allen of me.


  19. Valerie says

    I completely agree about the importance of date nights! My husband only gets one weekend off a month and we always go on a date night during that weekend, but one date a month isn't enough! We recently went to Hawaii to celebrate our anniversary and it made me feel the same way and realize how little time we actually get to spend together regularly. I also want to feel like I'm always on my honeymoon! Is that too much to ask??



  20. Jen says

    I love that first Modcloth top! gorgeous. And those sandals are perfect.

    Crabby Bill's sounds like such a great place! I have no idea how you wear white jeans in Florida summer heat though! LOL


  21. Jules says

    Crabby Bill’s sounds like so much fun and I love that it’s right on the beach. I would love a place like that too! Here is to hoping you and your hubby can fit lots more date night into the agenda so that you can wear cute tops like the one at Ruche, planet blue or Bloomingdale’s. Those sandals are a great find!


  22. Dancing Branflake says

    I don't think it's unrealistic at all! I feel like my hubs and I are still newlyweds. Granted, we don't have any kids so that might change things a bit.
    And I love those tops. So perfect for a date and perhaps a sweet little cardigan pulled over it.


  23. Mama Hen says

    Love the first blouse!! The white pants are gorgeous, but I can't wear that now. Got to lose some pounds! Yes, bubbles can be lots of fun! Thanks for stopping by! See you!

    Mama Hen


  24. Bumpkin on a Swing says

    I love the Ruche top, perfect for the weekend, and you know the rosettes make me squeal. Date nights are so important, yet we always push them off without priority! Here's to hot husbands, and still in love!


  25. CDS says

    Date nights are important….and you (or anyone) will look lovely in the selected ensembles. Nothing beats white jeans in the summer! I bought 2 pair of maternity ones so I am ready to grow over the next few months.


  26. Leah says

    Date nights are important to keep the magic. Glad that you take time to have some special time with the hubby. You are such a gorgeous couple. xoxo


  27. CopyStrands says

    I am a big believer of date nights. My husband and I go out on date night every Friday night and we treat the day as a sacred one not to be broken unless there is an emergency :) I highly recommend it!


  28. Simply Me says

    There's never a more perfect time to start than now :) ..so this summers mantra is routine de romance ;)..
    and i want me those sandals ..love the modcloth top too ..


  29. Lori says

    Cute!!!! Perfect for a date night. I agree with you about the date thing. My husband and I have been together for 27 years (wow!) and we've seen so many marriages go down the tubes because you don't still date or treat one another as a "date". Know what I mean. Dates are IMPORTANT – for the rest of your life. :)


  30. Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition says

    I can't decide which top I like best…they are all so adorable! Especially with the white jeans and sandals…you will look fab!!


  31. Allison says

    I'm glad you two were able to have a romantic escape. It must have been so relieving to get away and destress! Me next please…
    What adorable sandals and choices.. :)


  32. Christine Vi says

    You said it – summer is a time to have fun! And that's a great way to start having some date nights. I love the Aqua top from Bloomingdale's. Great inspiration for me to do some shopping – my summer clothes need a makeover.


  33. Helena - A Diary of Lovely says

    I think we also need some date nights!! you made me think :)
    Love all the picks and of course white jeans, absolutely adore them!!! xoxo
    btw, thank you so so much for all your lovely comments on DoL and around the other guest posts, you really make my day every time xoxo


  34. Jessica says

    I'm not even married and yet I think my boyfriend and I need to reinstate date nights. We've been together for over three years – it's so easy to fall into a routine with take out and movies!


  35. Elle says

    Ha aww I need like weekly date night or I get grumpy :) Love that E&J top – and so perfect with white jeans! Too bad white jeans look horrrrrible on me :(


  36. Melissa B. says

    We did Crabby Bill's over Spring Break when we were down in St. Pete Beach. Fun times, especially on the deck, watching a storm roll in.


  37. Rhiannon Nicole says

    What gorgeous tops you've picked here. So summery and flowy. You're making me want to head out to a roof top K! I love how in love you are :) Makes me smile! hehe XOXO


  38. MerciBlahBlah says

    I got a pair of white boot cut jeans last year and wore the hell outta them, and I swear I must wear them at least 2 days a week this season. I would totes pair them with that first top from Modcloth, some chunky turquoise jewelry and my gladiator flats. Lurv!!!


  39. Ams says

    Date nights are the best :) And a MUST to keep the spark alive. You and hubby are such a gorgeous couple!! I LOVE that modcloth shirt… ohhhhhh that would look so cute!!!


  40. Sarah says

    I couldn't agree more, date nights are so important…
    the hubs and I try to go at least twice a month. luckily his mom lives close by so she's so helpful with babysitting. cute tops and perfect for summer.


  41. oohmyfavorite.com says

    Oh I hope you make it soon! Date nights are my key to staying sane, but it's so funny how they're often the first things to be pushed aside when things get crazy.

    We've started coming up with fun games to play while we're out and about. Occasionally we'll each get $10, and the one that finds that best, most useful (no junk!), or most yummy treat wins a bubble bath and a back rub. It's great fun when there's not always enough time (or money) to get away for date.


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