We’re giving away the Perricone MD "Red Carpet Ready Cream" containing oh so amazing neuropeptides! (Closed)

So, yours truly is turning 31 next month and, as I’ve mentioned before, my skin is starting to show the effects of my misspent youth baking in the sun! If you’re like me, you’re anxious to halt, cease and desist any further signs of aging. Ok, so that may be just a pipe dream, but there’s nothing wrong with trying to slow things down a smidge with an anti aging product.

Thus, we’re giving away one Neuropeptide Facial Contour and as indicated in its name, the active ingredients in this little miracle worker are neuropeptides. This product is supposed to aid in tightening the skin and reducing lines. I know a lot of women consider their wrinkles badges of honor, but I can vainly say that I am more than happy to not see those badges for a few more years.

Maybe I’ll pony up the cash for this fabulous product myself someday soon. You, on the other hand, my dear readers have the chance to win one for free! Since they taut it as the red carpet ready cream, please tell us what event you need to be red carpet ready for. Unfortunately, this giveaway is only open to U.S. residents. We do hate to exclude international readers, so we will be having another giveaway later in the month that will be open to all! Entries will be accepted through next Saturday. We like our giveaways to be for our regular readers, so if you’re a new follower, please let us know! We’re psyched to welcome you to our little blog. Good luck lovelies!

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