Five Favorite Gifts for Second Time Moms


Before Max arrived, I remember perpetually feeling stumped at what to gift my friends having their second (or more) baby. I wanted to celebrate each new milestone but most of my friends already had everything they needed. Since Max arrived I’ve been … [Read more...]

Pretty Pink Accessories


With February around the corner, I can't help but have my mind on pink. While I love all the red that comes with Valentine's Day festivities, at heart, I'm such a girly girl...and what's more girly than pink? If head to toe pink is too much for you, … [Read more...]

Cuddle Up with Cozy Throws


While we haven't had a winter full of cold weather, we have definitely had some chilly evenings that required turning the heat on...And on nights like that cozy throws are just the ticket. These days, my go to throw has been the Baby Jak "Softest … [Read more...]

How to Fill a Moroccan Pouf


A few months ago as I was pulling together Max’s nursery (Yes, it still needs to be finished so I can share photos with you all!), I opted for a silver Moroccan pouf to use as an ottoman. We didn’t have an ottoman last time and I really felt like I … [Read more...]