Getting Fit with ClassPass

Class Pass

With the New Year and new baby it is time to get FIT! Being inside a lot this winter, right after pregnancy, had me jonsing to get moving and get some cardio back into my days. So, when we were asked to try ClassPass for a month, we jumped at the … [Read more...]

BIG Spring Sale at Shopbop


If I could only ever shop at one online haunt, I think I would have to go with Shopbop. They carry nearly every brand under the sun and orders arrives at your door SO fast. I just love being able to shop right from my pants and all. It's … [Read more...]

Winter Wear for Sloshing Around Town

Lou & Grey Outfit

These final weeks of Winter always get to me. They are always cold, wet and pretty dreary. I need blue skies and rainbows, stat! Over all, I've been home a lot more since Max was born. Its hard to take an infant out that much in these crazy temps, so … [Read more...]

Cherry Blossom Season in DC

Glade Seasonal Scents

In just a few short weeks throngs of tourists will be flocking to Washington, DC to check out our beloved cherry blossoms. They are so pretty and fluffy that even the locals all make sure to get down to the National Mall to check them out at least … [Read more...]

Monday Mingle: The Open Cardigan


We had a bit of a cold snap here in Florida this past weekend. It wasn't exactly freezing, but there was a bit of a chill in the air. I didn't necessarily need a coat, but layers were a good idea. So, I brought out one of my favorite season to season … [Read more...]